10 Totally Free Geeky Cross Stitch Patterns

Are you a crafty geek who’s looking for some cool cross stitches patterns to show off your geekiness? Lucky for you, the search is over.

Searching for a geeky cross stitch pattern is easy. Searching for a FREE one is more of a challenge. We combed the web for the best free video games, star trek and geek-culture related cross stitch patterns we could find and the result is below. If you do manage to make one of these cool artwork, we would love to see and post it on our facebook page, feel free to contact us!

Back to the Future


This blockbuster movie is one of the defining creations in science fiction cinema and pop culture in general. This awesome pattern is by Halloween costumes and is super cool, combining both Marty & Dr Brown and a cool movie quote “Where we’re going, we don’t need roads”

Pikachu & Pokeballs Banner Pattern


If Pokemon is your thing, this banner pattern is an ideal challenge. Combining it with your nursery or playroom could be amazing. This was done by starrley, and you should definitely check out his DeviantArt page, where you can see more cool stuff.



If you have an obsession with the Avengers or just looking for a cool comic related cross stitch pattern, this one is what you’re looking for. Created by weelittlestitchescrossstitch, this is one very clean and modern in design, relatively for a cross stitch pattern. You should definitely check her site; she has lots of cool freebies you can find and even cooler ones you can buy.

Nyan Cross Stitch Pattern


A simple Nyan Cross Stitch Design. The pattern is from here.

TARDIS Pattern


Dr who fans are not left out on this list with an awesome TARDIS design that is simple as it is gorgeous.

Game Boy Cross Stitch Pattern


For a more old school gaming touch, this iconic Game Boy Cross Stitch Pattern gets the job done.

 Yoshi Cross Stitch Pattern


Rosaka made this fantastic home sweet home Super Mario cross stitch. I absolutely love it. Yoshi is taking a nap under the tree, giving off an ever-so calm and peaceful vibe.

Super Mario Bros Pattern


If you are at a more advanced stitching level, and looking for something more challenging, well this one is perfect for you. This full picture Nintendo is great for Nintendo fans. Featuring all of the best in Super Mario Bros, with a super geeky touch and completely old school.

Link Cross Stitch Pattern


Sticking to the Nintendo theme, this Link cross stitch pattern is one of the coolest I’ve seen. Spread some 90’s feel in your house with this Zelda cross stitch pattern.

Star Trek Logo


This Star Trek logo looks like a good start for a beginner as it doesn’t have a lot of details, and its basic design allows an easy and fast finish to the project. Every Star Trek fan would love to get personal art like this. Black-lupin made this cool pattern on his page, where you can find more awesome Star Trek related patterns.

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