10 Awesome IKEA Hacks For Geeks

IKEA is a well known brand, and I think it’s safe to say that we all have something from there in our home. Over the years some really gifted people started to transform some of IKEA’s products and customize them for their own needs, which started the “IKEA hack” revolution. Now you can easily see online tons of awesome hacks made by some very creative people.

Ikea hacks are so popular everybody wants to have a go at them and some of the ideas are simply genius, but here on Walyou we won’t show you how to make a complete kitchen using an IKEA dresser or something like that.  We are here to bring you the really good stuff, the geeky stuff of course, making your day better with these 10 super geeky IKEA hack ideas.

Dr Who Dalek Dresser

Dr Who Dalek Dresser

This MALAM dresser is one on IKEA’s top sellers, and a quick search on google will find lots of creative transforms A.K.A IKEA hacks on this piece of furniture. Check out the details here.

TARDIS IKEA Shopping Bag


From all of the things IKEA has to offer I would never think to do an IKEA hack with this bag. Lucky for us caitlinsdad from instructables thought differently, and yes, it has a LED lights as well.

Death Star IKEA Lamp

star wasr ikea hack for geeks Death Star Lamp

image source

Sometimes all you need is a IKEA PS 2014 Pendant lamp and some inspiration from the dark side to complete one extra geeky IKEA hack.

Super Mario Question Block Storage Box

geek ikea hack Super Mario Question Block Shelf

image credit

For me super Mario is totally old school. Don’t think I know someone who was born in the 80’s that didn’t play this game at some point. Mario has been with us a long time and I always love to see Mario themed stuff. This next hack is fantastic and will sure add some retro old school touch to your home, using IKEA’s storage box units along with some craft material to make one cool storage box.

Super Mario Piranha Plant Lamp

ikea geeky hack super mario bros

This simple IKEA lamp cost $10, but after you transform it to a Super Mario Piranha lamp, well that’s just priceless 🙂 For the full DIY guide go to instructables.

Light Saber Holders

ikea geeky star wars hack Ikea wine racks light saber holders

image source

If you are looking for the best way to store your light saber your search is over! Simply store then on IKEA’s Wine Rack.

Adventure Time BMO Nightstand

ikea geeky hack Adventure Time BMO Nightstand

image source

Adventure time super-fans are going to LOVE this one. This BMO nightstand was originally an IKEA 2-drawer chest that got transformed into a very cool and geeky nightstand.  A really gifted guy created a whole Adventure Time themed room for this daughter’s birthday and the result is amazing. You should definitely check it out on his site johnsorci.

Wonder Woman Dresser

geeky wonder woman ikea hack dresserimage credit

This is a perfect example of how you can take a really simply and boring IKEA RAST chest and make it 100% awesome.  For more details check out the original post

Donkey Kong Ikea Lack shelves

Donkey Kong iKEA Lack shelves

image credit

Sometimes all you need is some red tape and the ability to install things crooked.

LEGO Dresser

geeky lego ikea hack

image credit

No geeky list will be complete without some LEGO in it, am I right? Well this next awesome piece of furniture looks so easy to put together but the result is superb and quite clever. This hacked dresser can fit easily to any happy child’s bedroom or you can even combine it in your home office to give it a playful, old school kind of look. Simple yet colourful.

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