19 Artistic Steampunk Masks and Helmets

Steampunk is one of those very few arts which blend fiction with science and technology in a very unique way. If unconventional is a way of life, steampunk art is its lead runner. Depicting a weird yet innovative combination of the steam age era of the 19th century with radical science fiction, steampunk art has gained great recognition around the world because of its erratic style and incongruous designs.

In this article we have brought to you some of the best looking steampunk inspired masks and helmets which embodies the true essence of steampunk almost innately. Take a look at their creepy designs and eerie style, but don’t be disappointed in case it gets a bit difficult to figure out the object in the first place. For other must see Steampunk art, also check out the Steampunk Weapons collection and the Steampunk Chopper.

Steampunk Iron Man Helmet

In my opinion, this Iron Man Helmet is one of the best ones ever designed. It has a distinctive key placed on its mouth and holes on the top. This is the ultimate accessory that you could possess if you are a fan of Batman, Spiderman or Superman.

Steampunk Stormtrooper Helmet Red Dog 3

Helmets could never get weirder than this. Though scary looking, this Red Dog 3 Steampunk Stormtrooper Helmet is designed using odd materials such as copper, plastic, walnut and hair. Probably, this is the reason why this Lawrence Noble and Shane Curran designed helmet grabs huge attention.

Artistic Steampunk Stormtrooper Helmet

With this Steampunk Stormtrooper Helmet, Brian Rood has tried to move a step further from the usual Sci-fi characters and adopt a new Star Wars design to create steampunk masks. Its design is likely to lure the attention of both the fashion conscious and geek alike.

Underwater Steampunk Helmet

If you wish to add some geeky style in your helmets for underwater cruising, check out this Steampunk Underwater Mask which also offers a reflector headlamp and an oxygen canister. Its application is not just restricted for underwater traveling but one can also use it for exploring mines or caves.

Bob Basset Steampunk Mask

Petrov and the Bob Basset team in Ukraine have been putting all the efforts to create a completely different steampunk mask every time. Like the others, this Steampunk Mask also takes you back to the Victorian Age.

Bob Basset Nuclear Disaster Steampunk Mask

The Steampunk movement has always warned us about a future catastrophe – a nuclear apocalypse that might make survival a difficult task for everybody. No wonder, this Bob Basset Mask is designed to help a person save himself from the nuclear disaster.

Scorpion Mask

Yes, like the name suggests, this steampunk mask has an extension on the top like the tail of a Scorpio. Unique in design, this Scorpion Mask is one beautiful collection that you could maintain in your house.

Steampunk Mask by Tom Banwell

This Steampunk mask and helmet designed and manufactured by the famous artist Tom Banwell, is a great piece of steampunk art that uses a unique design and even more unique mechanical components in the making.

Iron Man Helmet

Here is your chance to become a Superhuman, though not literally. With this Colorful Iron Man Helmet you can get that extra boost to take over the world. The Marvel Comics character has been the main inspiration for this spectacled steampunk red-colored mask.

Mask with a tube

Try defining this piece of art. Well, for those who are not aware of the steampunk art and the Victorian age, this Helmet with Tube is conceptualized to face the nuclear disaster as is predicted by the steampunk group.

Plague Doctor Mask

Tom Banwell has really worked hard on this steampunk mask. Known as the Plague Doctor Mask, this helmet has been designed to have straps that allow any adult to wear it. The interesting part is that due to its dark lenses, no outsider can look inside the body of the mask.

Crow Mask

Funny? No, I guess this is what art is all about, letting your imagination run wild. This steampunk mask looks more like the head of a large sized crow but is designed to have all the characteristics of a steampunk mask.

Steampunk Demon Mask

The steampunk demon mask is scary attire which is perfect for theme parties. The stylish demon mask is made from latex and has adjustable straps with metal O-ring. The mask is sculpted with an old fashioned stitch and has weathered leather look.

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Steampunk Stealth Mask

The steampunk stealth mask is a unique blend of steampunk and futuristic designs. The mask exhibits a high-tech stealth system inside a steampunk design. The creepy tentacles emerging out of the mask’s head should definitely be noticed.

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Steampunk robotic Helmet

Wondering if this is a headpiece of a robot or a steel mannequin placed on the shelf? Not actually, though it carries a resemblance to a robot design this Robotic Helmet is one of the helmets from of the steampunk masks series.

Steampunk Gas Mask

Creativity has no limits. This is what Steampunk Gas Mask is all about. Is it a gas mask or miner’s helmet? Though, it is difficult to figure out the main purpose of this helmet, this steampunk mask is sure to be a craze amongst the Star Wars fans.

Steampunk Style Scary Mask

Though these Steampunk masks have managed to break the traditional designs generally observed in helmets, it is difficult to know of what help they could be. This particular steampunk mask is one scary mask that you could definitely use on a Halloween night.

Virus Outbreak Mask

The rust colored mouthpiece of this Bob Basset leather helmet simply makes it look like something that is to be used at the time epidemic like SARS or H1N1. I am sure the Steampunk fans would want to have this to show their rebellious side. The rest can use it to decorate their living rooms.

Steampunk Metallic Mask

Like other steampunk masks, this Steampunk Metallic Mask is also made using copper, brass and iron. Hinting on the Industrial Age, this mask is an artistic piece that could be used for your home decor. However, your guests will have a difficult time interpreting it due to its vague design.