10 Best Yo-Kai Watch Products

The role-playing video game series, Yo-Kai Watch is one of the top games in Japan, even bigger than Pokemon.

10-best-yo-kai-watch-productsWith each game selling millions of copies, a successful cartoon, and hundreds upon hundreds of Yo-Kai Watch toys and merchandise lining the shelves of stores everywhere, it’s no wonder Nintendo and Level-5 decided to bring the powerhouse series to America last year.

In Yo-Kai Watch, you play as a young boy or girl, and work with the hilarious ghostly butler, Whisper, a being known as a Yo-Kai, to stop evil Yo-Kai’s from ruining the lives of the citizens of Springdale. You’ll meet several memorable and funny Yo-Kai’s along the way, making it hard to put the game down, as you’ll want to collect them all. Colorful graphics, a vibrant world, charming characters, and a fun storyline, make the Yo-Kai Watch series a happy treat.

Yo-Kai Watch Game for the Nintendo 3DS

yo-kai watch game

This is the original game that started it all! When Yo-Kai Watch was released in Japan in 2013, it was an immediate hit, spawning everything from a TV show, to books, action figures, and plush toys.

This first entry in the series is definitely worth a play through, as you’ll get to meet fan favorite characters Whisper and Jibanyan for the first time and embark on a charming adventure with hundreds of other Yo-Kai friends. Once you’re done with it, move on to Yo-Kai Watch 2.

Yo-Kai Watch Model Zero

yo-kai watch model zero

Introduced in Yo-Kai Watch 2, the Model Zero is an upgraded, cooler version of the original Yo-Kai Watch, first seen in Yo-Kai Watch 1. This watch comes with two exclusive medals, making it well worth a purchase.

SDCC 2016 Hasbro Yo-Kai Watch Jewelnyan Set

sdcc 2016 hasbro yo-kai watch jewelnyan set

This amazing product comes with five exclusive Yo-Kai medals, a special “Jewelnyan” Yo-Kai. Now you can have fancy nyans to go along with your regular nyans! Don’t let Jibanyan get too jealous…

Yo-Kai Watch Jibanyan Hoodie

yo-kai watch jibanyan costume zip hoodie

Already thinking about your next Halloween costume? Why not be Jibanyan with this awesome hoodie? Heck, go ahead and wear it any day of the year. I’d be your friend for sure.

Yo-Kai Watch Komasan Plush Figure

yo-kai watch plush figure komasan

Oh my swirls, look how cute Komasan is! You need to cuddle up to this bundle of preciousness! Don’t ignore those big, sad eyes and that frowny face; make Komasan a happy lion dog. (I always thought he looked like a cat, the internet told me otherwise.)

Yo-Kai Watch Lunch Bag

authentic yo-kai watch lunch bag

Food and Yo-Kai Watch, two of my favorite things. If I ever pack a lunch to work, I’m going to pack it in this Yo-Kai Watch lunch bag. I don’t even care. And if you’re a kid, you’ll be the coolest kid in school. Let those other kids eat out of their Pokemon bags, your bag is superior.

Yo-Kai Watch Jibanyan Plush Figure

yo-kai watch plush figure jibanyan

Okay, I already showed a plush figure, but I couldn’t resist including this one. Jibanyan is the most iconic character in Yo-Kai Watch, his face is all over all kinds of merchandise. If you can only pick one plush to cuddle with at night, it should be this one. Or don’t pick just one. Collect as many as possible, because they’re all perfect and adorable.

Yo-kai Watch Series 2 Medal Mystery Bag Collection

yo-kai watch series 2 medal mystery bag collection

With 24 bags each containing three medals, you’ll have endless fun scanning the medal mystery bag collection with your Yo-Kai Watch. There are also even more medal collections to be obtained, so you’ll never run out!

The Game of Life: Yo-Kai Watch Edition

game of life yo-kai watch edition

We all played Life when we were kids. There’s probably a law somewhere stating that every child must grow up playing it. It’s a great game on its own, but it’s made even better by adding Yo-Kai Watch to the mix, after all, the Yo-Kai Watch world is more exciting than the real one.

Yo-Kai Watch 2 Game

yo kai watch 2 fleshy souls

Yo-Kai Watch 2 is the perfect sequel to the original Yo-Kai Watch. It builds on its predecessor with more locations to explore, a larger cast of Yo-Kai, an improved battle system, and more mini games. Although you should still play the original, Yo-Kai Watch 2 is also a good introduction.

It was released with two different versions: Fleshy Souls or Bony Spirits. Both have the same story, but there are a few Yo-Kai characters that can only be found in their own specific version. If you’re a hardcore fan, you’ll want both, so you can find as many Yo-Kai as possible.