A Bicycle That Helps Purify The Air

In a world that’s at least pretending (maybe it actually is) to care more and more about the environment, it’s actually quite surprising that only now we’re getting a bicycle that makes the air cleaner while you’re riding it.

Air Purifying Bike

A group of designers and engineers from Bangkok-based Lightfog Creative and Design won a Red Dot award for creating a bike that purifies the air – scrubbing the pollution out of it while riding through traffic.

How does it work? A filter between the handle bars that the air goes through receives and stops polluting particles, therefore cleansing the air that passes through it.

The frame itself works like the leaf of a plant, converting sunlight into energy. The energy will be used to run a fuel cell battery, the by-product of which would be good, clean oxygen for everyone.

According to the creative director, Silawat Virakul, riding a bicycle can reduce traffic jam in a city. Moreover, we wanted to add more value to a bicycle by adding its ability to reduce the pollution.

Hat Tip: Discovery

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