12 Amazing Artworks of Smaug The Dragon

With the second installment of The Hobbit trilogy coming out (right now!!!), we thought it might be a good idea to give Smaug the dragon the respect he deserves by putting up a gallery of his finest artistic appearances.

Bilbo didn’t suck up to him for nothing (Truly songs and tales fall utterly short of the reality, oh Smaug the Chiefest and Greatest of Calamities). He really is quite impressive.

Shooting Fire Into Erebor (The Lonely Mountain)

Shooting Fire into Erebor


By JonHodgson

Looking Down at the Town of Dale



by R-Valle

Laying Waste to Lake Town (Esgaroth)

Destroying Lake Town


by Gaius31duke

Looking Down at Bilbo

Smaug & Bilbo


by AndyFairhurst

Someone Pissed Him Off

Smaug Angry


by LyntonLevengood

Trying to Set Fire to the Dwarves

Smaug & Dwarves


by Evolvana

Smaug the Devil

Smaug the Devil

by Isvoc

Smaug Angry! Smaug Smash!

Smaug Smash


by Davesrightmind

Resting Next to the Lonely Mountain

Smaug and the Lonely Mountain


by Atriedes

In All of His Spelndor, Sitting on a Rock

Smaug the Magnificent


by AndyFairhurst

The Mess a Dragon Makes

Smaug Destruction


by moonxels

The Dragon And His Treasure

Smaug and his treasure

by  moonxels

Another Moment of a Greedy Dragon and His Treasure

A dragon & his treasure

by einen

Smaug as an Innocent Baby

A cute smaug


Even monsters start out as cute things (by seki0930).

The Benedict Cumberbatch Version of Smaug


For those of you who don’t know, this is the man who voices Smaug in the Hobbit films (by j-grey).

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