Kubo Electric Cargo Scooter Shown Off by Lit Motors

Minimising the cost, effort and emissions used when transporting cargo, the Kubo electric cargo scooter has been developed by electric car start-up, Lit Motors.

Kubo Scooter image

Imagine the scenario; you have a package of vases, complete with more packing peanuts than the shipping floor of Amazon, you want to send them halfway across town to the person who ordered them and most importantly, you want them to get there unbroken and on time. The logical solution? To mail them, using a courier like UPS to transport them to the customer in a timely fashion. The problem with this, of course, is that to do this on repeated occasions, the costs will pile up and, if you’re environmentally conscious, you might also find yourself concerned with the carbon emissions that such a solution will result in. Now, Lit Motors have created Kubo, an electric cargo scooter, getting you and your packages to and from your destination with less of an environmentally damaging impact on the Earth.

Lit Motors, an electric car start-up that launched last year, are pros at the electric vehicle stuff and Kubo is a good example of that. Describing it themselves as “combining the beautiful design of Apple and Vespa with the basic utility of a pickup truck”, Kubo (an image of which you can see above) has clearly been designed form the ground up with cargo in mind, being able to take a weight of 300 pounds (including the rider) and a 22” space limit for cargo, with “rails, hooks, and loops to secure anything you want to carry”. On an environmentally friendly note, Kubo has an on board charger that Li Motors say can charge the vehicle up in just a few hours, meaning that you’ll be unlikely to run out of juice completely on your journeys across the city, with each charge offering 50 miles of travel.

While Kubo isn’t out yet, the unique take on transport is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter, where Lit Motors have set the goal at $300,000. They’ve raised just over $45,000 at the moment so if you’re looking to get a Kubo for yourself, follow that link and chip in.

We’ll keep you posted once we know more.

Source: Tech Crunch, Lit Motors

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