Biodegradable drone decomposes after crashing

Meet the sneakiest drone on Earth, a drone capable of decomposing after being used and disappear without leaving a trace: the perfect spy gadget.

Biodegradable drone 1

The UAV illustrating this story is quite something: a regular looking drone that is actually made from biodegradable materials that melt away into its surroundings once its life cycle is done. The idea is for it to disappear without leaving any trace, and for that reason the Ecovative Design team chose to build it out of a fungal material called mycelium, made sturdy by applying plant-based cellulose on it. Even the circuitry is organic, as it is made of silver nanoparticle ink, capable of biodegrading too.

The concept is simple: these drones can fly and go anywhere, but can dissapear almost instantly if they crash, without leaving any trace. As the creators explain, “no one would know if you’d spilled some sugar water or if there’d been an airplane there”.

The model still uses some non-biodegradable materials which haven’t been replaced yet: mainly the rotors, controls and battery, which they’ll either address in the future or forget entirely about them, because it’s not like anyone could recognize a drone just seeing those parts by themselves, right? Right?

Via Technabob

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