Encrypt Your Traffic with a Lifetime Subscription to BitVPN

VPN services are good not only for allowing us to circumvent geographical restrictions imposed by content providers, but also for keeping us safe online by routing all of our traffic through a server from an entirely different location than ours.

Now that there are VoIP apps such as Aznog that offer free direct calls to mobile and landlines, finding a free Wi-Fi network while traveling may seem like a give from above (well, it quite literally is, unless the router is located below you). However, public Wi-Fi connections may be used by hackers as a bait for getting sensitive information off the mobile devices that are accessing the said networks. Identity theft is only one of the bad things that could happen while using a free Wi-Fi network.

Browsing the Web on our smartphones or tablets has become one of our favorite pastimes, and while doing so, we happen to stumble upon things we’d like to buy. Has one of your wishlist items gotten an unprecedented discount while you’re browsing the Web on a public Wi-Fi network? Then it’s time to input your credit card details and wait for that particular item to be delivered to you, but not before using a VPN service to make sure that your sensitive data stays safe. BitVPN has several different uses, and protecting your privacy is only one of them.

Needless to say, BitVPN can also be used for accessing geo-blocked content. Even though Netflix doesn’t see VPN services with good eyes, and has even announced a couple of days ago that it intends to block them, these can still be used for streaming movies and TV shows while traveling. As in the previous scenario, all traffic will go through 256-bit encryption, and your IP address will be hidden from hackers and spies. There are no limits to your bandwidth, so you don’t have to imagine Web pages taking ages to load, or video content buffering all the time.

Listed below are the VPN protocols (one account for multiple services) supported by BitVPN.

  • PPTP ,
  • L2TP
  • SSTP
  • OpenVPN
  • Kerio VPN
  • HTTPS Proxy

Moreover, BitVPN offers access to 40 servers from the 11 countries listed below:

  • USA
  • United Kingdom
  • Netherlands
  • Canada
  • Germany
  • France
  • Romania
  • Finland
  • Czech Republic
  • Spain
  • Italy

Once you buy a BitVPN license on Walyou Deals, you have to redeem it within 30 days. The license includes updates for the entire duration of the subscription. BitVPN can be used on up to 3 devices, but if you’re planning to use it at home, as well, I would suggest adding it to your Wi-Fi router’s settings, so that all of the devices behind it are seen as one.

In our store, the lifetime subscription to BitVPN can be purchased for $34.99, which is 82% less than what it typically retails for. The deal expires in two days, so if you care about your privacy, you should take advantage of it while you still can!

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