10 Geeky Valentine’s Day Cards

Valentine’s day is about a lot of things, not all of them good. Often, giving someone a creative Valentine’s card is better than all the money spent on gifts, restaurants and other expensive, empty gestures. And when you get creative, why not go with a more geeky touch?

Bacon Valentine’s Day Greeting Card

geeky Valentine's Day card

I don’t know when Bacon became a slice of meat that represents love and romance, but it’s hard not to fall into the charms of the one who sends you such a card. Available for $9.50 on Amazon.

Star Trek Valentine’s Day Card

geeky Star Trek Valentine's Day Card

Star Trek: The Next Generation probably encompasses everything you need in terms of variety of opinions and personalities of its characters in order for you to come up with the perfect card and message you’re sending to your loved one. Available on Etsy for $6.

Nerdy Valentine’s Day Card

Nerdy Valentine's Day Card

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Not my favorite person, just my favorite nerd. While it’s not perfect, I guess the one getting this card will simply have to settle for it.

Doctor Who Valentine’s Day Card

Doctor Who card, funny Valentine card

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Is the 10th doctor (David Tennant) the best doctor? Seems to be. So if you’re going to send out a Valentine’s with a Doctor Who, it should be the best Doctor Who.

Batman Card

Batman Card nerdy Valentine's Day card

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And when Batman sinks his grapple gun hooks into you, you know it’s forever. However, Batman has never settled down, so maybe it’s just until he gets bored.

Valentine’s Day Star Trek Card

nerdy Valentine's Day card Star Trek card

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The original quote? Live long & prosper. But what’s life without love? This one makes a lot more sense.

Star Wars, Yoda Card

nerdy Valentine's Day card Yoda. Star Wars Card

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The best thing about this Yoda Valentine’s day card? It doesn’t have any annoying reverse philosophy wording by the little green Jedi. Simply a short but effective play on words.

Zelda Valentine’s Card

geeky Zelda Valentines Card,

image source

Yeah, this is cute. When are we getting Zelda the movie? How much longer must a fan have to wait?!

ZELDA, Geeky Valentine’s Day Card

geeky zelda valentine's day card

John Cusack, or his 8-bit version minimized even further inside a Valentine’s card, looks pretty good. Get it on Etsy.

Lego Style Valentine’s Day card

nerdy Valentine's Day card

I’m not sure that Jerry Maguire wanted to be on a Valentine’s card when he said those words to Dorothy Boyd. He just wanted her. And it worked. So why not use that line to try and get more people together, or at least recognize their love for each other? Great idea!!! This awesome Lego style Valentine’s card is available for $3.95 on Etsy

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