Bleeding Blade Watch: Dying to Be On Time

No other device would have seen so many incarnations of itself than the watch. Almost every designer out there has presented his or her version of a watch. The looks are changed, the colors are played with, the method of time telling is changed, the strap is given a brand new design and sometimes the entire watch is disguised as a strap. On a click of a button the time telling parts emerge.

Now is the time for the watch to see yet another version of itself being created. It is called the Bleeding Blade Watch. Well, how could a watch bleed? Not literally but at least one could give it the looks of a bleeding blade.

The Bleeding Blade Watch design is yet another presentation from the house of Tokyoflash Japan. This is one organization that has time and again given to the world a variety of watch designs. For this team of enthusiasts a watch is not simply a time telling device. If you wish to look for a watch that does more than just tell the time you better visit Tokyoflash. This is one happening place for all new watch designs. There are many pieces which will leave you puzzled for some time as to how to read the watch. Once you get accustomed to the way things work on a watch in this ‘world’ you will find yourself at ease. Telling the time will no more be a daunting task.

One thing that has been seen in many of the designs here is that the watch does not have numerals written on the face but simply uses bars and dots to fulfill the purpose. This gives these designs a global character. The Bleeding Blade design is a little different in this respect. The face of the watch has Japanese characters which makes it impossible for a non-Japanese to use it. The looks are arresting and so are colors. The red colored watch gives a true bleeding effect while the others give a designer feel to a simple device.

It is available in colors of green, blue and pearl white. All these three colors have a very futuristic appeal to them. The glowing look on the face and the strap is sure to be an eye catcher. So if you know some basic Japanese get ready for the Bleeding Blade to enter the market. Do not worry; it is a completely harmless bit of design that can only add on to your designer collection.

Though this idea might not find many takers, it is a must watch! But who can stop designers from coming up with versions such as Night Vision Watch and Cloak Watch.