Half a Lemon!

Half A Lemon!A lemon is a product that is “sour”, malfunctions, and simply does not work as it is supposed to. With that, half a lemon is a product that works properly half the time. Also see Treadmill Malfunction. Many of our computers, Ipods, cell phones, digital cameras, and more have been half a lemon since the day of purchase. We spend so much money on these, and they work as promised only half the time. The notebook freezes, the Ipod skips without request, the camera is slow to delete a picture, and our cell phones drop a call. We have all been through this. After we buy an item, we are excited to get home and start using it. After some time, the problems begin. Some examples: our computer crashes, it does not boot up, it would not restart, the battery stops charging, the CD player cannot read the disc, and more. Since the problems do not all happen at the same time, we learn to put them aside and live with them…but why? What else is that when we finally decide that enough is enough, and it needs to be repaired, we realize the warranty expired a day before. We are in fact stating that it is OK as long as we do not own a lemon, but only half a lemon. But aren’t the two very similar?

Is it just me that feels we should get what we paid for?