Save your wet cell or PDA with Rice

A cool trick we found that could have helped us in the past and may prove useful to you. If you spilled water on your phone, there is a very easy way to salvage it. Take out the battery and put the cell in a bowl of dry, uncooked rice overnight. The rice will absorb the water and moisture, and could possibly save your cell.

Any tricks that worked for you in the past?

Via: NTICWeb

6 thoughts on “Save your wet cell or PDA with Rice

  1. Stork.

    Hope you guys are wright but at this point I don’t have any other options! I forgot my Blackberry in my pocket and washed my pants!!! It’s been one of those days 🙁

  2. Ben.

    I just tried this and it worked my cell phone was soaked by rain. Nothing worked placed in rice for an hour and now works

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  5. AF-Geek.

    Ummm… You better clarify that you mean DRY, UNCOOKED rice. You know some fool will end up with a wet AND sticky phone and blame you.

    Good tip, though. Thanks!


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