TV Remote with a Button for every Channel

“There was fifty seven channels and nothing on” – Bruce Springsteen

Nowadays 57 seems like a ridiculous number unless you refer to Heinz. How could we even manage with only that many? Now with cable and satellite TV, we have hundreds of channels. How about if our remote had a button for each Television channel separately…would that be useful, or complex?

Artlebedev’s new concept does just that. The Pultius is a TV remote that has an individual button for each channel number up to 100, then combinations are allowed for higher numbered channels (up to 399). Some may argue that this is confusing or defeats the purpose, but does it? It could also have a few advantages.

To begin with, it is a very colorful and attractive television remote. The color spread throughout is beautiful and comfortable to the eyes. In addition, each channel is marked with its number, so now you have a ‘jump back’, or ‘return to previous channel’ for ALL the channels. If there are 5 favorite television channels you have, they are all only ONE click away (or two – for those above 100)…seems a little useful. Lastly, it is a really tall remote. How tall is it? Half a meter tall (almost 20 inches). This will be a lot harder to lose. I really cannot see myself looking under the sofa seat for this one. Oh yeah, it could also be a great back scratcher while watching the tele.

So what do you think? Would you like to have one of these? Would it be practical or a nuisance?