Virtual drumset for your iPod

Every week I hear about new and crazy iPod accessories but one has particularly drawn my attention as a drummer: the motion-activated Drummer by MiJam. Although the iPod-like design and the plastic look are a bit of a turnoff, I like this accessory because it tries to solve one of the greatest problems for drummers, namely the lack of mobility. In fact, the sound module has a belt clip and the drumsticks are powered by two “AAA” batteries which makes them very portable. The module has an audio cable compatible with your iPod or any MP3 player and includes an audio output that allows you to connect the device to a stereo for recording or headset for silent playing. Additional features include volume control, programmed rhythm backgrounds and different drum and cymbal effects, including a snare drum, bass drum, tom, floor tom, hi-hat, and crash cymbal.

Basically, the iPod drumsticks enable you to drum along with your favorite songs anywhere at anytime. Finally I won’t be the only one not taking his instrument with him when going on a road trip with my guitarist friends. If you are also a rhythm freak, have always wanted to be the drummer in a song, have an additional $30.49 to spend, and trust motion-activated technology, then these drumsticks are for you.