Wooden USB flash drive design

Looking to be a little different then the others? Seeking a disk-on-key that is also a unique fashion item? Want a practical, yet stylish USB flash drive? Thalbach design manufaktur hand crafts personal USB drives with different kinds of wood.

These new drives are hand made and beautifully styled. The aluminum plate is evened out with the surface, keeping it clean cut and smooth to the touch. The different kinds of wood offered are: ebony, maple red, maple green, rosewood, root wood, maple, and ash. These are a little more pricey then store bought, but beauty has its price.

You can check out additional gallery pictures at the site above. The site is in German but the designer, Markus Bischof’s contact information can be found here for orders and additional information.

4 thoughts on “Wooden USB flash drive design

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  2. Neece.

    What an interesting combination of technology and organic materials. Very stylish. Thanks for sharing these, I love to see new ways to do the same old thing.


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