Never Say Cheese Again

I am annoyed when I see a family picture where I am not smiling. Everyone said “Say Cheese!” and I thought I was. Unfortunately my smile began to fall right before the picture was taken. What if there was a camera which would take pictures based on the subjects smiling?

Sony has releases the Cybershot DSC-T200 with “smile shutter”, which takes a picture based on the smiles of the subjects. This feature arrived from a smile measurement software that was developed by the Japanese Omron. It rates the smile on a 0 – 100 percent scale, and takes the picture based on your personal settings. Furthermore, it has the ability to track up to 8 subjects per picture at a time.

Take a look at this funny video for an example.

8 thoughts on “Never Say Cheese Again

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  3. Meir.

    Hello Neece, Daniel and Rebenga.
    Thanks for your comments.
    Rebenga: I too prefer natural looking pictures, although I think that this technology could be used for other means. Like Daniel’s example, I am sure a blink detector would be very useful.

  4. Neece.

    Tracks up to eight faces! Wow! I have to share this with my fellow photographers. Kate, as a photographer, I recommend about 75-80% smile. More than that and you show gums, which isn’t very becoming.

  5. Kate.

    Okay, that video is hilarious. And I have so many questions about this technology: How do I know if I want a 70% or 75% smile? What happens if someone start laughing?

    Perhaps I could find these answers somewhere, but I think I’ll just stick with my Canon instead. 🙂 Great find, though!


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