Just Add Water to Charge Your Cell Phone

How many times have we heard of water damaging a cell phone or PDA? Someone accidentally spilled some water on it, dropped it in the sink, or maybe pushed someone in the pool while it was still in their pocket. Sometimes you can save your wet cell or PDA, but what if instead of ruining our products, water will power them!

Samsung is developing a cell phone battery that its fuel cells will run on Water. Sounds pretty cool right? The water combined with the cell phone metal interior will create Hydrogen gas, which will then generate energy when it reacts with Oxygen.

This process supposedly generates enough energy to power your cell phone for 10 hours…kind of amazing. The main problem is that the hydrogen cells would have to be replaced once or twice a week. While still working on it, they are attempting to develop it so all you would have to do is just add water to charge your cell phone.

Don’t go rushing to the store looking for these, for they aren’t supposed to be available until 2010 or so.

Via: Gizmodo and Chosun