The White Stripes and Lomography Cameras

While musicians promote a new clothing line, a new perfume or cologne, and many other items, The White Stripes come out with unique and eye-catching Lomography cameras.

These cameras definitely own to the White Stripes retro and original looks with two custom and beautiful cameras named: the JACK Holga and MEG Diana+. These plastic cameras are limited edition (only 3000 each) and sport the famous red, white and black color style that is so well-known with the White Stripes.

The Lomographic Society is an organization with over 1 million members loyal to Analog photography. This joining of the White Stripes and Lemography brings a unique and original way to offer something more to fans and photographers.

It isn’t just another clothing line or a new scent, but a practical product brought back to life with amazing new looks.

These cameras cost $180 each and the starter kits include: a fisheye lens, 3 filters, a peppermint lens filter, camera strap, lens cap, an original photo book, tape, and the instruction manual. Oh yeah, and two “AA” batteries ARE included as well.

You can find more information and pictures at The White Stripes and Lomography page.

Via: Engadget, the JACK Holga camera is pictured.