Mods Make a Robotic Pumpkin for Halloween

Make a Robotic Pumpkin for Halloween

Halloween is here already, and what can be more fun then to built your own glowing pumpkin?

Snap-O-Lantern is a robotic mini-pumpkin which comes to life every twenty seconds; it turns on and its jaw will slowly open and then snap shut – returning to its stealth mode.

You can find a full tutorial on Evil MAD Scientist, which will explain with pictures all the steps needed in order to built this project on .

This project isn’t a simple one, and a small hobby servo motor, which is driven by an AVR micro-controller is required. For those familiar with a micro-controller and its programming, the directions should be straight to the point. You are walked through the entire setup, carving, programming, and electronics. Furthermore, it is an open-source project, and the source code is provided.

A quick video demonstration of the project is below.


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