The Credit Card of the Next Generation

Emue Credit CardEmue, a private company creating solutions to reduce the risk of identity theft, and Innovative Card Technologies have jointly developed the Emue Card. This card is the size of a regular credit card but is embedded with a micro-processor, 12 button keypad, 8 digit display, and has a long battery life.

The idea behind it is to reduce identity theft and bank fraud by granting additional protection and measures for different card transactions (Internet, Phone, ATM). This card has different modes for authentication. For example, you can enter a secret pin into the card to receive a temporary, one-time code to be used at the ATM. In addition, to reduce entering fragile information online, a pin can be entered into the card instead to be authenticated by a server.

A consumer appearance may be seen on November 13-15 at Cartes and Identification 2007 in Paris, France.

Via: Gizmag