Monopoly Electronic Banking Edition Without The Paper Money

Monopoly Electronic Banking EditionDon’t lose track of all the paper money in the Monopoly Game. Keep a record of all players and their finances with the Monopoly Electronic Banking Edition.

I remember the days when I played Monopoly with my friends and family. There were always someone (usually me) who was in charge of the cashier duties and dealt the paper money to all of the players. Of course this person sometimes had the “permission” to lose track of the money or even steal a bill or two to compensate the cashier’s difficult but required job.

To hold the Monopoly paper bills in my hands as a kid was a thrill, since it felt like real money, and a lot of it! In today’s world, less and less individuals are carrying cash with them and prefer using their credit or debit cards for daily transactions.

The popular game Monopoly made a real life adjustment as well. The classic board game has been updated with electronic banking instead of regular paper money. The first time I saw it I was shocked! It’s like taking an important core of the game out, but after a few minutes I realized that’s not necessarily true. Nowadays, kids are familiar with debit or credit cards from a younger age.

The world is changing, technology advancing and our old favorite box games are changing accordingly.

The Monopoly Electronic Banking Edition is available for under $30 at You can also see a short clip of the game there.

Either with paper bills or the electronics calculator, I still think Monopoly is one of the greatest social games for all ages!

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