Serenata Phone by Samsung and Bang & Olufsen

The Serenata Mobile is a duet of two powerhouses – Samsung and Bang & Olufsen. On first look it seems as if it is an art piece to be hung on the wall, but the specifications state it is a daily phone and music player – let’s take a look at the different features.

Phone: The Serenata comes with built-in Bang & Olufsen speakers to provide enhanced acoustics and sound. During conference calls or listening to music, a stand unfolds for convenience and elegance.

For you productive users, this phone also synchronizes with Microsoft Outlook, so all your contacts, calendar, and “to-do” lists are always up to date. There is accessibility to different computer files with the Bluetooth connection and also with the bundled Samsung software. Furthermore, an array of 3G/GSM networks is available for quick data transfer, email, podcasts, and other means of communication.

It comes with a navigation wheel to be used for calling, messaging, and more. I still wonder about its simplicity, for dialing is done like an old retro phone (see video below). Is this comfortable or time consuming?

Music: The Hi-Fi speakers of Bang & Olufsen play a major part in the music player. They offer remarkable sound, clarity, and the actual bass is clearly apparent without the frequent and mostly common distortion. The navigation wheel, similar to the iPod wheel, allows you to scroll through songs and albums on your phone easily and efficiently.

It currently has a 4GB flash memory for storage of your music and photos. In addition, the Serenata phone also has easy and quick transfer of music, covers and more by USB or the 3G mobile network.

The Serenata does indeed own to its neat features and ability. Will its size, interface and price be attractive to mobile customers…only users can say.

Below is a short video by T3 TV of the new Serenata. You can also see a video testimonial here on Youtube.