Now Your Thumb Can Pay for Gas

Biometric fingerprintWould it make your life more convenient if you could make purchases with a thumb scan instead of the current methods of payment?

There are currently 10 Shell gas stations test locations in Chicago where biometric finger scanners are installed as payment methods. By placing their fingers on the scanners, customers can pay at the checkout stands or gas pumps.

This does require pre-registration of your thumb print, and the payment method to go with it.

This sounds like it is taken out of an old Sci-Fi film and is somewhat innovative, but is it really helping? Is paying with a credit card, ATM, or even cash that difficult and time-consuming? Will we now have to worry about being mugged for our thumbs and not just our wallets?

Is this a good or bad innovative payment method? I will let you decide.

Via: Slash Gear