An Apple Tablet Mac in the Works?

The long time rumor may have been shed some light on… is Apple actually working on a Tablet Mac?

Based on a recent Crave correspondence, an Asus insider has mentioned that they are actually working with Apple on a new Tablet computer. Asus being one of Apple’s manufacturers, for such products as the MacBook, iBook, and PowerBook, grants this rumor some validity. It also states that the tablet will not be developed as an Asus Tablet design, allowing us to speculate whether the 2005 Apple patent for a Tablet computer will be brought back to light.

Will the Apple Tablet be a success? Will it finally make a Tablet computer that will be used and appreciated by the consumers? Well, we will have to wait and see what they can come up with. One thing is for sure, they are definitely capable. We have seen Apple’s current iPhone to realize that they are well acquainted with touchscreen technology and are indeed very innovative.

Via: Mac Rumors, Picture by michiko13