Feed Your Pet From Work With Your Cell Phone or PC

Ever had to work long hours but was worried about your pet at home waiting for you to feed it? How practical would it be to feed your dog or cat using a command from your cell phone or work computer?

Sometimes we have to work long hours, last minute plans come up, or we simply forget that a loved one at home is dependent on us. Your children have other kid responsibilities that must attend to and usually put the feeding responsibilities back in your lap. But who will feed the dog? How will your cat eat? The ISeePet360 grants you the remote ability to take care of your pet’s feeding habits while away from it! Having another option that would grant us more flexibility and freedom would be great.

The ISeePet360 is an advanced dry food feeding bowl that lets you control the feeding time using your cell phone or PC. Imagine how convenient it would be to go out with some friends after work and be able to feed Bingo or Rex while eating your appetizer. Wouldn’t it be nice to go to the Gym straight after work, without having to drop by the house for 2 minutes, so Fluffy will eat?

In addition to the remote feeding times, the ISeePet360 can also notify your pet of the time to eat by audio. Another neat feature is a pre-installed camera that let’s you see your dog or cat eating and enjoying their lunch. For those that simply cannot be away from their pet for long, this last option let’s you be with them for every meal. For the extreme pet lovers, just make sure not to overfeed them just so you may be with them longer.

This is currently available in Japan for 50,000 Yen (approximately $444).


Via: SciFi Tech

11 thoughts on “Feed Your Pet From Work With Your Cell Phone or PC

  1. Eran Abramson.

    Hi Gabriel and David, thank you for coming.

    @Gabriel: My mistake. I fixed it. Thanks.

    @David: Yeah, I actually know many people that would love to spend most of their work time watching their pets.

  2. Gabriel.

    Just so you know “let’s” is being used incorrectly here, it is a contraction usually used to mean “let us” but what you mean is that the camera “lets” you see your pet. There are a few other grammatical errors, but you can figure them out for yourself.

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  4. Eran Abramson Post author.

    Hi Neece, thank you for your visit.

    That is pretty funny. I haven’t even thought about that. We would keep feeding our pets, and forget about other necessities.

    Something will probably come out next month. You are right, a schedule to take your dog out for a walk still needs to be maintained.

  5. Neece.

    Interesting! Of course, for your puppy, you’d need a remote dog walker for after they eat! But at least your pets won’t go hungry, which is always good.


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