Watch TV in the Shower or by the Pool

Want to catch up on the early news in the morning, but you need to shave and shower also? Would you like to watch your favorite TV Show while taking that long bath after work? Bathroom Luxury offers this convenience for you!

The Luxurite Wirless 17″ Waterproof TV can be hanged in your bathroom, shower, or by the pool. You do not need to worry about wires and all the hassle; this digital TV set is wireless. Using a transmitter, it can easily be placed at the most practical spot. This Television has built in speakers and a waterproof remote, so you can really enjoy relaxing in your bath.

For those that may find a mirror in the shower productive, the screen of the Luxurite turns into a mirror image when the TV is turned off.

This Wireless and Waterproof Digital Television Set comes in 15″, 17″, and 19″ screen sizes and is HD ready (not the 15″). The wireless transmitter can be connected to your PC and DVD player, bringing your movies and media for your enjoyment. You can read the techspecs, or think about one for yourself (here).

Via: SlashGear

3 thoughts on “Watch TV in the Shower or by the Pool

  1. Neece.

    At first I thought the idea was silly, but as a person who loves a good, luxurious bubble bath, this would be neat! Also at poolside, it’s a great idea. I’ll have to add this to my wishlist for in the future.

  2. Eran Abramson Post author.

    Hey David, Thank you for your comment.

    These look pretty awesome and effective. It would definitely be pretty cool to watch TV in the shower.

    We must make sure not to turn it into a necessity. I can imagine many people that would make sure to watch their entire Fall TV schedule in the shower.

  3. David Dunn.

    I’ve seen these waterproof TVs on the internet a couple of times and really liked the idea – definitely something to have when I get my own place and have some money to waste!



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