A Magnetic Match Will Light This Lamp

For you candle lovers: a wireless lamp that flickers like a candle and lights and extinguishes like a candle as well.

This Hono Light by Metaphys is a a wireless lamp that provides a soft candle like light. A magnetic match lights it up, and blowing on it extinguishes it. The different LED lights provide a flicker like sight. This lamp is rechargeable, so you may take it with you to anywhere you would take a candle to (just away from water this time).

You can see a few more images of this lamp at Dezeen.

If you are looking for an alternative for your candle, with an innovative and clean design…then check out the Hono Light.

Via: Boing Boing

7 thoughts on “A Magnetic Match Will Light This Lamp

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  5. Eran Abramson Post author.

    Hi Neece,

    I think these are cool looking, but candle lovers will not switch. They may add this to their products, but it will not take the spot of a candle.

    It is a neat design, and like you said, clean and modern.


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