When Will Your iPod Die?

How attached are you to your iPod? Did it break but you just can’t seem to let it go? Is it working fine but you feel like its demise is coming soon?

We previously mentioned services that pay you for your broken iPod (here). Now we mention a service that either repairs them, or tries to determine when your iPod will die. Yes, you read right, predict the date of your iPod’s demise.

The iPod Mechanic are very reputable, for they have been in business since 2003. They repair many common iPod problems, such as: cracks and different screen damage, scroll wheel malfunction, water damage, and other creative problems users have managed to experience. Prior to the repair, they give you a free quote based on your iPod symptoms and problems, pay for the shipping of your player, and ship you a box if in need. The repairs are done only with Apple genuine parts and a warranty is given for 180 days (longest in the industry). For more information, check out their site and read some of their customers’ reviews.

For those that are not encountering major problems and simply want a little outlook for the future, the iPod Death Clock tries to grant it for you. Based on serial number (which is used to determine exact model and date of your iPod), they attempt to give you a date when your iPod will die. Why is this service useful? I’m not sure. Maybe for a morbid feeling, or perhaps you would like to sleep better at night, knowing that the iPod will live for a long time.