Backup Your Sim Card Contacts

Sim Card Backup ToolIf you own a cell phone that requires a Sim card, you know what a hassle it is to transfer contacts to an additional phone. If you need that list of friends and co-workers on another cell, it is a big headache to enter each contact in one by one. Now there is an easy and inexpensive solution.

The Sim Card Backup Tool is made for this purpose.

It has 16Kb internal memory that can store 500 contacts. This is in two separate folders, so you can easily transfer details from one card to another. In addition, it has a clear digital display for viewing of the list, and a password can be set to keep others from doing so.

This tool also displays calendar information and is independent from the need of a computer and a PC.

In case you phone is lost, stolen, or you simply want to back up your entire contacts list, this tool is handy and costs only $14.99 in ThinkGeek.