Colorful USB Wall Plugs by Brighton

This is pretty clever when you think about it.

We have a lot of gadgets and gizmos that we charge via USB. When we are using the computer, charging our iPod or cell phone is very easy and convenient, but sometimes we are not using the computer. Sometimes we do not have a computer around, or perhaps we don’t want to keep our computers running all night long. At certain times, a regular wall plug is the only source of power.

The “Bi-Plug” by Brighton lets you charge your USB devices with regular electric wall sockets.

The “Bi-Plug” is a smart plug that on one side it is a regular electricity plug (that is good to both USA and Japan, others would need a special adapter) and on the other a USB connection. It’s very simple and straight-forward…one side is a USB port for your device, the other plugs in the wall.

To have one of these plugs in your laptop case seems very convenient. The “Bi-Plug” will go on sale November 28th for a current undisclosed price and can be found in multiple colors such as red, yellow, green and purple.

Via: Geekologie