The Flying XPV R.A.D Robotic Air Defense

A remote controlled Robot toy that also flies…who could ask for more?

As a child, I loved the Transformers. I bought many different figurines and transforming toys, but I never had one that actually flies. The Flying XPV R.A.D Robotic Air Defense is a remote controlled robot that drives and is able to take off into the air with acceleration. I would have spent hours with this as a kid.

This winged robot begins by driving on the ground in an upright position. Once the user would like it to lift off, they simply accelerate the speed. This in turn drops the Robot to horizontal position and combined with the speed lets it take off. Some practice is probably needed in order to get the most of this Holiday Toy.

This robot can fly up to 30 mph and perform different aerial stunts while in the air. In addition, it can be controlled to a height of as much as 20 stories.

The video below shows this remote toy in action…looks pretty fun to me!

The Flying XPV R.A.D Robotic Air Defense is available for purchase here.

Via: Ubergizmo