Store Your Bluetooth Headset in Your Cellphone

How convenient would it be to be able to keep your Bluetooth Headset right within your cellphone? Instead of having to carry it around or look for it when you need it, it is right there with your phone.

I use my bluetooth headset everyday while driving, and it is very convenient. Sometimes though, I forget it at home, or its battery died because I forgot it in the car for a few days. When I receive a call in the car, and I realize that I don’t have my headset with me, or that the battery isn’t charged, it really frustrates me. Why can’t they simply combine the cellphone and headset together? Maybe they have.

Naxin has created the NX788 cellphone that includes a small compartment which stores AND charges a Bluetooth Headset. Although this phone will not be skinny and tiny due to this feature, it still grants us great utility and practicality. This kinda reminds of the Practical TV stand that is made out of the shipment packaging.

Just like a wireless computer mouse that also store the USB dongle when not in use, this cellphone gives us a little more convenience.

Naxin NX788

Via: Ubergizmo