A Universal Remote Control Shaped like a Soccer Ball

Soccer ball remote

Soccer may not be as popular in the United States, but it is definitely one of the more popular sports worldwide.

I am a huge soccer fan, and there is nothing I love more than to watch a good soccer match with my friends and drinking a few cold beers. If this particular game is actually a World Cup match or even a Premiership League, then it is even better.

For all you soccer fans, how fun would it be to be able to change the channels and play soccer with the soccer ball remote?

This remote can replace many of your previous ones, since it can can control your TV, DVD, Video and Satellite. If you get angry at something you saw on TV, or simply want to vent, you can also kick this remote across the room!

This Soccer TV Remote Control is compatible with many different electronic brands. The Effective Range is 7.6 meters, and it requires only 2 AA batteries like most of our other remotes. The remote weighs just 376 grams and is available for purchase for approximately $40 (£19.95 ) at Loadsmorestuff.

via Gizmodo