Deceive Thieves with The Brief Safe

Brief SafeHave any of you traveled and worried about your valuables being stolen? Have you ever prepared by thinking of different ways to protect your money? It is amazing how many different tactics I have heard, such as: place the money in a safe belt under the t-shirt, splitting the amount and putting it in several places, and even a homemade one which my friend has done of sewing a hidden pocket inside the jeans. The latter attempts to deter thieves by showing them that you do not have money in your wallet or regular pockets.

The problem of theft is a major one when we go traveling, and there is a major need for increased security. Whether our valuables get stolen or not has a high impact on whether we will enjoy our trip or not.

Recently I saw this innovative gadget which creatively thought of a way to deter thieves. The “Brief Safe” is a clever and funny way to store your documents, cash, and more. Your valuables can be hidden in a place that even thieves won’t think (or want) to look in. These briefs have a 4″ x 10″ hidden place which is sealed with Velcro. In addition, there are “special markings” on the lower rear area that I would imagine will keep anyone’s hands away from.

I have the feeling that if the Brief Safe will be left in your hotel room clearly in your suitcase, even the most curious burglar will not think twice. After all, who would touch it?

You can find the Brief Safe at Shomer-Tech for the price of $11. For those of you who would like to take it even further, you can buy the Doo Droops in order to add smell to these briefs as well.