Easily Create Titles for Your Home made CD or DVD

Are you sick of not being able to read your own handwriting on the different media discs you burnt? Do you sometimes write more than one title and it gets smeared, illegible, or messy? There should be an efficient solution.

The CW-E60 by Casio is a compact printer to burn titles straight on your homemade burnt (or other) discs. It connects easily via USB, and prints in either text or images in four different colors (black, red, blue or green). Furthermore, it is powered by either an AC adapter or 8 AA Batteries.

The printer itself is available for only $60 and replacement ribbons for printing are just $9.99 each or $25 for a three-pack. An interactive demo may be found at Casio.
Casio CW-E60 Title Printer

Via: Ubergizmo