The Robot Show Must Go On

We all have seen street performers, bands, and different talented artists playing on the streets for money and self advertisement. Now can you picture this same street band is completely made up of instrument playing robots? All we have to do is scout the right musical robots and form this band.

Robots are being built left and right for so many different purposes. Some are for cleaning, some are for learning, some are to take over the world, and some are created to play music, sweet music. This latest musical one has been granted the saxophone, which is a great addition to the prospective band. I have noticed that possible robots include the improvising drummer, trumpet player, violinist, and there are also the backup dancers to add some movement.

It seems to me that these robots don’t fit the regular stereotype. For me, that is quite alright; the music is a great addition.

2 thoughts on “The Robot Show Must Go On

  1. Erik Roza.

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