Do You Want More Laptop Battery Power?

PowerPad 95Has your laptop battery ever died on you? Do you think that it drains too quick? Would you like a battery that will let you run more than a few applications and still last long enough to finish your work? It is possible.

My cousin always asked me to keep an eye out for a battery for his HP laptop. He keeps complaining that his laptop will last at most 3 hours, and that is if he conserves energy by not listening to music or watching videos. As I searched for batteries for him, I noticed that these were usually expensive and limits the batteries to be used only on specific models of these specific brands. There must be better alternatives.

I recently found a great one with the Electrovaya external laptop batteries.

The PowerPad 95 model provides power for 7-9 hours. For most, this would be sufficient to take care of business while still doing a lot of surfing and watching movies. It can be 80% charged within only 2.5 hours, and has a digital display showing the amount charged. Weighing just 2 pounds, it is also light enough to carry with away from home.

In addition to the extra battery life, there are two USB ports which grant the ability to charge 5V gadgets, such as a cell phones, PDAs, or Blackberries. These batteries are compatible with many different laptops, so it is even more convenient if you own several laptops in your household (compatibility list is available).

The model above is priced at $199 and other PowerPad Models are available providing even more power, such as the PowerPad 300 that lasts up to 22 hours but costs $599.

Via: Web Worker Daily