A Vehicle Toy Turning into a Real Life Walking Transformer

As a child, I had two favorite shows which I watched all the time – the Transformers and the Thundercats (Snarf rules!). These two animated TV shows were amazing and are still at the top of my all time favorites.After the recent Transformers movie, my memories for this show have resurfaced. With the audience completely hyped up and the new toys released, my love for these fascinating characters has grown even more.

It is no surprise that as soon as I came across this Transformer video below, a smile was brought to my face. It is a a real transformer in real life! The video is fairly quick but definitely enjoyable. The demonstration is of a vehicle toy turning into a true, walking transformer. I simply loved it!

This makes me believe that if ‘they’ could think it up, then eventually it is a reality. It means that if this transformer was actually made, who knows? maybe in the future our actual cars will be transformers as well, and maybe even protect us from harm just like the Autobots do.