The Math Clock for Geeks

Try telling the time on this wall clock!

When I was young, I always had a hard time figuring out the time based on the positioning of the clock’s hands. I remember my Mom trying to teach me in so many different ways, but I just was not able to get a hold of it. With that, math was not my strongest subject either, so I am happy this clock was not around then, or I would have NEVER learned to tell the time.

This clock presents the hours by different mathematical equations, so it would have made my life simply horrible. The equations seem fairly easy for me now, but there is one that appears to be a little more complicated than the rest of them: the 5th hour, for it adds the “factorial” into the mess. Without knowing that 5 o’clock belonged there, I may have never figured it out…would you?

Via: CNET News