It is OK to Dream in Portable

The Sega Dreamcast may not be around today, but I surly miss it.The Dreamcast was a great gaming console that still has its cult backing. Originally launched a bit before the Playstation 2 and Gamecube, this console was revolutionary and outstanding. Unfortunately it was not able to gather enough audience and loyalty to keep up with the growing popularity of the PS2, but still remains in many of our hearts. These days, we even see various mentions of it in a wide array of connections and directions to gaming, emulators, and more. It was innovative, cool looking, fun, and backed by the great game maker SEGA, yet it dissolved and was not selected by the mass.

What if it had been released initially as a portable version? Would people have held on to it a little longer?

Below is a great modification that deserves high praise and appreciation. The Dreamcast Portable is man made and is so clean and smooth looking. The job done is simply magnificent and makes me wonder if individuals would want one of these today. It consists of a portable and clear screen, handy controls. and is fully operated by the use of only two RC batteries, providing true mobility.

It is true that as a modification, the parameters and abilities would not compare to the portable PSP and Nintendo DS, but still…the games were great, the controller was comfortable, and the look of this miniature version is just amazing.

If it was done to meet today’s standards of graphics, play, compatibility and additional connectivity, would you consider purchasing a Portable Dreamcast?

More images can be found at TechEBlog