Print and Scan from Anywhere…Literally

Two great portable productivity products for those that must have a scanner or a printer with you at all times.

The PrintStik PS910 provides an extremely mobile printer that can literally fit in your pocket or take up very little space in your laptop bag when you are on a sales call. It holds a thermal pack of 20 pages and has the ability to print at approximately 3 pages per minute. Although it is slower than the printers we are accustomed to, this is one you can use at a restaurant, a friend’s house or even at a ball game. You can literally print out important documents for immediate physical viewing. In addition, its battery can last for up to 40 pages, so you won’t run short too quickly.

If you are also looking to bring your office scanner with you as well, the convenient substitute would be the DocuPen RC800. This miniature scanner is just as it is named, the size of a pen. It holds a micro SD memory card, so you can scan as many as 100 pages into its memory for future upload and use. The DocuPen has the ability to scan full width of pages with both text and graphics in only four seconds. The next time you are reading something at an out of office appointment, you can easily scan the page (and 99 others) with this pen and have the document readily available at your home or office at a later time.

Are these affordable? Well, the printer or scanner each cost $299, so you be the judge.
Additional products to assist you out of the office may also be found at PLANon.

PrintStik PS910

DocuPen RC800

6 thoughts on “Print and Scan from Anywhere…Literally

  1. Matt.

    I have a lot of reservation about how it can decipher the information and put it in the right fields. I have a lot of business cards from overseas, and they are of all fonts, and styles. But I was pleasantly surprised by CARDSCAN abilility to process the information and put it in the right fields. We may have to tweak here and there, but it is much better than typing in everything yourself. I highly recommend it.

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