A Cool Way to Leave Messages on Your Refrigerator with Homebase

Even leaving a note for your family has been innovated.

I remember how my mom always left me messages on the refrigerator – different chores, what’s for lunch, and even directions on how to do the laundry. The latter was actually taped on the washer’s lid. These short messages and directions were always so simple and were actually very effective, but it seems that for some…that was not enough.

Audiovox has announced the Homebase system for your note “leaving” ways. This is a microphone, video and note friendly way to leave messages to your loved ones. With it, you are able to record reminders based on calender dates, leave video messages to show a little love, and even write a note the old fashioned way. By a USB flash drive or memory card, you can insert up to 512MB of information such as video to be played over again.

While my Mom may be open for this new way to leave messages, I wonder if it will be too complicated for her to operate. I would actually have to leave her a note of instructions teaching her how to leave me a message.

The HomeBase can be mounted by magnets, or simply placed on your work desk or kitchen counter. It comes out perfectly on Mother’s Day and will run for $200.