Electrical Circuits in Contact Lenses

“We have the technology to rebuild this man” – The Six Million Dollar Man

A new technological advancement has enabled electrical circuit boards to be built within a contact lens (University of Washington). At this time it has been tested only on rabbits (shame on them) and has shown no adverse effects.

Contacts 1

Currently the electrical circuits have not been programmed for any application or use but allowed a direction to be formed towards advanced possibilities. The researchers at the University of Washington have been able to find a way to attach circuits to a contact lens without it being harmful to the user. Although it is just a step in a highly innovative direction, can you imagine what the progress would entail?

What if, just like in movies such as The Terminator, individuals wearing these lenses would be able to receive valuable information straight to their contacts and also see to further distances. Phone numbers, images, or text, would be brought to your eyes only. Think about a video call with a business partner, where you may speak using an ear piece, but you can actually have an eye to eye conversation.

This could also an advancement in the medical industry. Perhaps those that wear contacts to improve their eye sight could simply have their prescription adjusted over an actual network with the user’s approval. The logistics and ideas still have to be honed and determined, but I believe this is an amazing innovation.

I know we still have a long way to go, but this is a wonderful beginning.

Contact 2

Via: medGadget