Your Cellphone is Smokin’ and Jammin’

So many items with so little space.

We carry many things with us on a daily basis, such as: different car or house keys, our cellphone, wallet or purse, MP3 or MP4 players, some of us also have a separate PDA, and others also have a pack of cigarettes in their pocket. With so many items to take with us, sometimes there is either no room, or our bags and pants get really packed and make it a burden. For this, a practical combination of the different gadgets or items would make our lives a lot more convenient.


Although I do not condone smoking, this neat modification has combined a cellphone with cigarettes.

This awesome mod has transformed a daily cellphone to the size and shape of a cigarette pack. It also has the ability to carry half a pack in it, so you can have your mobile and cigs in the same pocket, without taking extra space.


I myself do not smoke, but this awesome transformation still makes me want one of these. It is small, compact and is really cool to look at.

For you nonsmokers out there, there is a different mod to consider. An RF jammer that is conveniently built to fit nicely in a pack of cigarettes. A perfect disguise for any who want to bring a jammer with them, but hide it from any suspecting eyes.


Whether or not you would find this useful, you must admit that it is a pretty smart gadget.

Via: Make