Gesture Based Technology in Action

Choose a music video, a movie trailer, or a fun game with a wave of your hand!

While most storefronts in shopping malls are trying to lure you inside with bright colored displays, this one gives you more interactivity while you are still outside.

Orange has revealed a wonderful new way to play with content on a screen without the need to make any physical contact or touch. This new technology resembles the User Interface of Minority Report, but in real life. With it, you are able to move objects displayed on the screen with a simple movement (or stroke) of your hands.

The video below shows this new Gesture Based Technology in action not just by the Orange representatives, but also by regular passerby individuals. It presents the simplicity of actions needed to carry out tasks such as flipping through movie titles, music videos, and even making a selection to be played.

Now that the fun is outside the actual store, I wonder what will get people to actually step inside.

Many thanks to my friend Emmanuel for the link.

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