Amazing: Street Fighter IV Gameplay

Finally it feels real!

With all the talks, rumors and opinions about the upcoming Street Fighter 4, we now get to see some gameplay action….and it looks spectacular.

Many of us have grown on the classic Street Fighter games and have seen more and more spin offs and sequels that may have been fun but lacked the presence and spunk of the original (or the second). With this new version, I think they went back to the core and have delivered wonderful results.

This new trailer shows the two classic fighters, Ryu and Ken, having another battle in great form and action. Of all the original characters, which was your Street Fighter of choice?

[Commentary] Street Fighter has been around for over 20 years, and both Ryu and Ken continue to fight each other. I was wondering, what can two people keep fighting about for over 2 decades? Do you think they even remember how the original conflict has started?

It reminds me of The Montagues and the Capulets (”Romeo and Juliet”) that after so many years of tension and fighting, they do not even remember what they are fighting for.

Via: TechEBlog