Touchless Interactive Screens

Control and move on-screen 3D objects with just the movement of your hand.

Elliptic Labs have developed a technology enabling you to move objects from close or afar (up to 5 feet) with just the stroke and gesture of your hands. By a sensor placed on or by the monitor, it can detect your hands and influence the 3D subjects. No need for a controller or keyboard strokes, just move it around the screen by your hand and finger direction. You may also zoom in and out to better assess the shapes in question.

The two videos show this technology in action by a finger pointing at the sensor and controlling a ball, or a fist moving a 3D vehicle as if holding it physically.

This is pretty cool progress for touchless interaction, and lately we have seen different variations of this, such as the Gesture based Technology, the ability to Blow on your screen, and even the not so recent Minority Report.

The company also mentions that this technology is compact enough to be included in future mobile phones. If so, will the cellphone that has this be a major rival to the iPhone?

Via: HackedGadgets

6 thoughts on “Touchless Interactive Screens

  1. Vizinteractivity.

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  3. Tal Siach.

    Hi Mr. Javo, Wayne, and Shyguy, good to see you all.

    @Wayne: By using movements only, this technology definitely opens many possibilities. I haven’t thought of surveillance, but that seems like a very practical integration.

    @Shyguy: Good to see you again 🙂

    Video games are practically asking for this kind of technology. The Wii has progressed wonderfully to allow interaction, but without the controller would be even better.

  4. shyguy_2004.

    Quite an awesome development! The first things that come to mind for ideas on the types of things that this could be used for are graphic design, video game development, and actually playing the video games too. More technology to look forward to!

  5. Wayne Smallman.

    I think this kind of technology has used beyond mobile communications and entertainment.

    One use that springs to mind of the world of surveillance.

    Automated systems could monitor people passing through major transport hubs, spotting violent altercations of furtive activities…


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