iPod Speaker for Your Bike

Next time you ride your bike, share the music from you iPod with those you pass by.

The Cycler iH85B is a convenient speaker case customized for your iPod. It easily mounts on your bike, as a water bottle would, and is completely water resistant in case of rain or puddles. Instead of having your earphones tangle up in the handlebars, or between your hands…this grants you a cordless solution during your daily or nightly ride. It also comes with a mountable RF remote, to make your music selection easier to change and configure.

Since it is cordless and mounts like a bottle, it is easily transferable to other bikes, and can quickly be taken in your home for other wireless musical enjoyment.

The Cycler gadget runs for only $79.95 and comes with all the necessary parts to attach to your bike of choice.

iH85B 2