Easily Tune your Guitar with N-Tune

While playing your guitar, has it ever went out of tune? Have you ever had to replace the batteries of your tuner or simply misplaced it? Shouldn’t there be a simpler way to tune your guitar right at the time it’s needed?

Of course, there are major players that tune by ear, but if there are any guitar players out there who are somewhat tone deaf like I am, this may be an extremely practical solution.

N-Tune has developed a simple tuner that is built right within your guitar’s volume knob. When you notice that something simply doesn’t sound right, just pull up on your volume knob and tune using the chords etched on the N-Tune knob. This is a pretty easy way to always have a tuner handy, whenever you have your guitar with you.

Some guitars are planned to be sold with this new device built in, and a do it yourself kit is also available. In case you prefer the latter, it costs approximately $100 and does require some minor installation. Furthermore, for Fender and Gibson players, customized styled packages are also available.

As a guitarist, I believe it is an amazing solution for those in need, and that price tag, it is a whole lot cheaper than Gibson’s Robot Guitar that tunes itself. You may check out their site for additional information, including a video demo.


Via: BoingBoing Gadgets